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Not a job, but a journey

Hop on the back. Together we can make that journey, embark on the adventure and pursue our course to those specks on the horizon. Getting a little better every day, learning from each other and going for the result for our customers. If we stop and look back along the way, we see what we have achieved. Looking ahead, the prospect of further growth beckons. We carry on. You want to move on.

You have a marketing challengeIf we meet up, it is certain to turn into something great.

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One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Henry Miller

What is very normal for us, often strikes new colleagues and customers positively. We have an open culture and flat structure. Of course there are managers and seniors, and there is an MT. And for us, the customer really is the king. But there is always room for dialogue. And time for a good talk. Feedback can go both ways. And substantive and lively discussions? We love them. Because that’s how we all progress.

Four V’s

The pillars of our open culture are the four Vs. And number one is Verantwoordelijkheid (Responsibility). Because if you take it, you will have your best employer ever with us. What you get in return is a great deal of Vertrouwen (Trust). And the Vrijheid (Freedom), for example, to work from home or take the proverbial lunch hour. We always want to feel the Veiligheid (Security) on both sides to hold each other accountable for attitude, behavior and professionalism.


We promise customers real results. But that promise starts within. That is why we look at your horizon together. What are your ambitions, where do you want to grow, how do we get there? What can you do yourself, where do you need training, coaching or education? Whether you are a young professional or a true marcom crack, we are really going to make that journey together.


The horizon is an infinite destination that changes all the time. There is no end. And that’s how we see our effect makers as well. We want to keep challenging you indefinitely, as long as you really want to keep growing. Our office is getting bigger and bigger. We discover new worlds. So there are always new opportunities to move forward together.

We carry on. Do you want to get on? Then check our vacancies!

I’ve learned that the most beautiful things only happen at the end of your comfort zone. After four years of effectgroep*, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want it any other way. As far as I’m concerned, this adventure has only just begun.

Marlous van de WielSenior Communications Advisor
Social events

Work hard, play hard

Sometimes you have to sprint to meet deadlines. Or a project falls when you don’t really have the time. Working at an agency is quite dynamic. That is why we regularly organize social events. From an afternoon playing padel to an evening singing in the pub. And everything in between. Just relax, let off steam and have fun. We enjoy that.


The small print

As long as we are on the road together, we also want things to be well arranged. We expect quite a lot of you. And this is offset by a decent package of primary and secondary employment conditions. And the better the company is doing, the more we can and want to do for our effect makers. Speaking of effect makers, here they are:

Cato de Bont
Project Manager
Jeroen Renes
Jeroen Renes
Digital Marketing Director
Marije Reniers
Marije Reniers
Account Director
Sela Diender - project manager - effectgroep
Séla Diender
Project Manager
Ronald Bekius
Account Director
Corianne Visser
Corianne Visser
Graphic Designer
Sandra Teune - project manager - effectgroep
Sandra Teune
Senior Project Manager
Simon - CEO - effectgroep
Simon Renes
Creatief concept
Peter - senior communicatieadviseur - effectgroep
Peter van Leeuwen
Senior Communications Advisor
Sandra - hr manager - effectgroep
Sandra Pieterse
HR manager
Marielle - COO - effectgroep
Mariëlle Timmers
Kirsten - head of creative - effectgroep
Kirsten Flik
Head of Creative
Ilke - head of account - effectgroep
Ilke van der Mark
Head of Account (CCO)
Marlous van de Wiel
Marlous van de Wiel
Edwin - creative - effectgroep
Edwin Kool
Creative Lead & Copywriter
Ingrid - developer - effectgroep
Ingrid van Vliet
Erik - digital designer - effectgroep
Erik Ranke
Digital Designer
Tanya Hampsink
Tanya Hampsink
Program maker / Project Manager
Anouk - grafisch vormgever - effectgroep
Anouk Dijkstra
Graphic Designer
Ronald - grafisch vormgever - effectgroep
Ronald van Spanjen
Graphic Designer
Marijn - senior project manager - effectgroep
Marijn Klouwen
Senior Project Manager
Tamar - project manager - effectgroep
Tamar Nijenhuis
Project Manager
Marissa - creative - effectgroep
Marissa Hans
Gineke Geerds
Gineke Geerds
Finance Manager
Dorinda - project support - effectgroep
Dorinda Vaes
Project Support
Amy - traffic manager - effectgroep
Amy van de Weem
Creative Producer
Veerle - producer - effectgroep
Veerle Jansen
Junior Producer
Mandy Prins
Sandra - hr manager - effectgroep

Working at effectgroep*?

Contact our HR Manager Sandra. You can reach her by email or call 030 – 41 00 791. You can also directly schedule an (online) appointment via the button below.