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Online events

The new communication channel

Online events are much more than just the Corona crisis alternative for live events. An increasing number of organizations are discovering the online event as a new communication channel to connect employees and reach customers. Brands are also making big commitments to online events, with social TV formats and online community events. We create and produce online events and have all the expertise to do this. You can read more about it below or take a look at recent online events arranged for The Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, HP and Ad Alliance.

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Focus on content

From one-off to part-of

The online event is not a one-off, but part of a broader marketing and communication plan. As a campaign agency, we look for the sweet spot where your interests as the communicator and those of your target group become aligned. What’s in it for them? This is precisely where the starting point for the concept, program, communication strategy and content lies.

Brand enhancing

Goal or resource?

An event is a means, and not an end in itself. Working with this vision, we work closely with our clients to develop programs that provide more inter-connection, new leads, efficient information transfer or brand awareness.


Script and content

Our editors will create the script and content for your online event. Your role is important, as a link between your organization and our people. We work closely with you to give shape and content to the program, from video content and (virtual) decor, to keynote speakers and interaction with viewers.

Where the magic happens

Recording studio

We use various recording studios to produce online events. The choice of studio depends on the program format and how ambitious it is. We offer turn-key recording studios for small talk shows, and we work in TV studios or others that have a virtual decor facility for larger live productions.

Watch, watch... and join in

Live stream

Almost everything that can be transmitted live is also possible online: A plenary opening, participation in sub-sessions, networking, putting questions to speakers and visiting an exhibition hall. Unfortunately, catering ‘over IP’ is not yet possible (but, of course, it is at the online participants’ home addresses)!


Recent online werk

We produce weekly online events for the government, as well as many businesses and well-known brands. Take a look at our recent work (in Dutch):

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Mariëlle is always ready to help you and has answers to all your questions! Email Mariëlle at marielle@effectgroep.nl or call her on +31(0)30 41 00 791.

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