Brand makers

Creating relevant brands

Putting a new brand on the market or building up an existing one? We’re happy for you to wake us up early for this! From irresistible positioning to a unique brand name and visual identity. Our creative effect makers are ready to make your brand incredibly attractive to customers and employees.

You have a marketing challengeIf we meet up, it is certain to turn into something great.


The whole picture

The strength of effectgroep* lies in having everything under one roof. We are the one-stop agency for your brand too, from brand strategy to resource development. In recent years we have put international brands on the map and given local heroism a face. No matter how great your ambition is – we’re open!

A compelling story

Corporate and brand story

People are storytellers – everyone. What is the story that your customers or employees tell people about your product or brand? This is what we call a corporate or brand story. The story that customers and employees consciously and unconsciously tell to others. We develop an authentic and unique story for you and make sure all these storytellers are on the same page.

Distinctive and striking


What problem do you solve? Which aspects differentiate you from the competition? What makes your brand relevant to consumers? What position do you want in the market? For these and many other strategic, tactical and operational choices, we outline scenarios and work closely with you to produce solutions. We work with our own and proven models such as Brand Drivers.

Recognizable to everyone

Brand identity

Our designers give your brand its own face with a distinctive visual identity. The copywriters work intensively on the tone of voice and determine the text identity. This comprehensive identity is written into an online brandbook where employees, customers and suppliers find everything they need to work according to your visual and textual identity.


Visible and tangible

We develop the tools that we use to map your brand. From POS material to advertising and from online banners to interactive magazines. We make your brand visible and tangible to consumers, customers and employees. Do you want long-term attention and exposure for your brand? Why not put our campaign team to work for you?

Marlous van de Wiel

Do you want to bounce ideas about your brand?

Marlous is always ready to help you and has answers to all your questions! Email Marlous at or call her on +31 (0) 30 41 00 791.