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These effect makers really are ready for you every day. Absolutely! Would you like to become an effect maker? Check our current vacancies!

You have a marketing challengeIf we meet up, it is certain to turn into something great.

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Séla Diender Project Manager
Esmee Goedmakers Account Director
Sandra Teune Senior Project Manager
Peter van Leeuwen Senior Communications Advisor
Simon Renes CEO (founder)
Kirsten Flik Head of Creative
Sandra Pieterse HR manager
Mariëlle Timmers COO
Linda van Eck Content & Campaign Manager
Ilke van der Mark Head of Account (CCO)
Marlous van de Wiel Senior Communication Advisor
Boy Sheikkariem Account/Project Manager Digital
Ingrid van Vliet Developer
Edwin Kool Creative Lead & Copywriter
Erik Ranke Digital Designer
Anouk Dijkstra Graphic Designer
Tanya Hampsink Program maker / Project Manager
Ronald van Spanjen Graphic Designer
Marijn Klouwen Senior Project Manager
Tamar Nijenhuis Project Manager
Marissa Hans Creative
Gineke Geerds Finance
Amy van de Weem Traffic Manager
Veerle Jansen Junior Producer
Mandy Prins Finance