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In a nutshell

If you really want to get to know us, visit our office, Life in Utrecht, and find out why our effect makers are highly demanded marketing and communication professionals. Make an appointment now or read more for a first impression.

No one-off but part-of
Our effect makers strive for intensely satisfied clients, smiling from ear to ear when they see the results of the work we deliver. We commit to delivering real results. Our vision is to achieve this result through cooperation and co-creation. We take the lead, but need you too. That is why we invest in long-term relationships with brands that also opt for this way of working. Because the best results are really created when we choose each other. Do you have the courage to make that choice?

Strong in a wide range of sectors
We work for brands in the B2B and government, healthcare and non-profit sectors. Our clients include global brands, national players and regional heroes. As a client, you are never too small or too big for us. We simply love the changes and variety! We know how things go in a range of sectors but we still enjoy discovering new worlds. Take a look at recent projects for different clients here. Why not take us into your world?

Our agency has about thirty effect makers, who offer a rich and broad palette of expertise, to conceive and create everything for your brand. As a client, you always get a dedicated team with a fixed contact person. We aim for short lines and long-term collaborations.

Communication with real results
Our agency has a deep-rooted commitment – to deliver work that is really meaningful for you. This is a matter of course for us, and a reassuring thought for you as our client!

So, what can’t we accept?
Dissatisfied clients! We really can’t stand this so much that we really do invest everything we can in preventing it ever happening. This obsession ensures that we work with many of our clients for years.

Sinds 1997
With almost 25 years of communication experience, we have created thousands of marketing hours and we have a toolkit packed with knowledge and experience. You could say – we are in our prime! In any case, we are not a flash in the pan, and we can honestly say we are a reliable agency.

We are a mash-up of Amsterdam creativity, Rotterdam bravery, Groningen sobriety and Brabant hospitality. That’s probably why we feel so at home in Utrecht :-)

- Simon RenesCEO effectgroep*
Effect makers

These are them!

These professionals are on hand to get to work on your digital, live or cross-medial communication challenge. That said, we are currently looking for a number of new effect makers.

Séla Diender Project Manager
Esmee Goedmakers Account Director
Sandra Teune Senior Project Manager
Peter van Leeuwen Senior Communications Advisor
Simon Renes CEO (founder)
Kirsten Flik Head of Creative
Sandra Pieterse HR manager
Mariëlle Timmers COO
Linda van Eck Content & Campaign Manager
Ilke van der Mark Head of Account (CCO)
Marlous van de Wiel Senior Communication Advisor
Boy Sheikkariem Account/Project Manager Digital
Ingrid van Vliet Developer
Edwin Kool Creative Lead & Copywriter
Erik Ranke Digital Designer
Anouk Dijkstra Graphic Designer
Tanya Hampsink Program maker / Project Manager
Ronald van Spanjen Graphic Designer
Marijn Klouwen Senior Project Manager
Tamar Nijenhuis Project Manager
Marissa Hans Creative
Gineke Geerds Finance
Amy van de Weem Traffic Manager
Veerle Jansen Junior Producer
Mandy Prins Finance